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Raleigh custom home builders have thrived in the Triangle area for decades, developing outstanding reputations as they built quality new homes. They have proven their commitment to excellence in home building, and they have proven their commitment to the community.

In 2005, a group of Raleigh custom builders took an important step forward when they formed the Triangle Builders Guild. This association allowed these 29 custom home builders to join forces with area vendors to serve the Triangle community in a more effective way.

“We saw the opportunity to come together to create better value for our customers and a bigger voice in our community,” explained Ward Russell of Legacy Custom Homes, Inc., who is the current Chairman of the Triangle Builders Guild. “Our vendor relationships now allow us to get pricing any time so we can get quotes to homebuyers faster. We offer more choices to our customers than the national builders can. Every member of the Guild is a known quantity, so we know that when someone builds with one of us, they will have a good experience and a great house. It’s a winning combination.” That winning combination started with the selection of appropriate building companies. The founders of the Guild quickly focused on Raleigh custom home builders who bring flexibility and creativity to the design and construction of new homes. Guild members were ultimately chosen after an extensive peer review in order to ensure that the organization only included the top custom home builders in the area. Criteria used in the selection process included an outstanding track record of ethical practices, successful project management, satisfied customers, as well as a passion and specialized skills for building quality custom homes. In addition to quality and commitment, the Triangle Builders Guild members have another common trait –all 29 companies have a long-standing tradition of providing exceptional service to the region. On average, the Guild homebuilders have lived in the Triangle for 33 years. Twelve of these builders were born in the area, including six who are second-generation homebuilders. Through the years, the Guild companies have combined to build over 12,000 homes in the region, and they have contributed to countless charitable causes.

Guild members now build in every area of the Triangle, and they offer every type of custom home building. For example, the price point for their homes ranges from $100,000 all the way to over $8 million. In 2005, the 29 members combined for home sales of $341 million.

The numbers from the past are impressive, and the future appears to be even brighter for the Triangle Builders Guild members. The creation of the Guild has allowed the builders to team with area vendors over the past two years to provide better service and better value to the consumers. Collectively, the Guild members now represent a larger presence than any of the national tract builders that have moved into the area.

Although it is only in its second year, the Triangle Builders Guild has been a resounding success. Membership into the Guild has been closed, and there is now a waiting list of homebuilders who would like to join the organization.

If you would like to learn more about the Triangle Builders Guild, visit their website at The site is a tremendous tool for the real estate community because it provides clients with incredible information that buyers can browse at their leisure. The website includes a detailed history of the Guild and its mission, as well as information about the homebuilders who are in the Guild. The website also has links to the individual websites for each builder member.

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