Latest Design Trends in NC Real Estate

Latest Design Trends in NC Real Estate
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By: Triangle Builders Guild

North Carolina’s Triangle region has exploded in recent years with more people than ever trying to plant their stakes in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and their suburbs. Triangle Multiple Listing Services reports that housing inventory levels in the Triangle witnessed a 5% decline since last year. TMLS also reports that homes spent an average of 4 fewer days on the market before selling in September 2018 than they did in September 2017. During the same period, median sales prices of homes in the area increased by 6.9%. Recent tariffs on steel and aluminum have increased the prices of materials while a sharp decrease in available labor has driven costs up further still. Put frankly: current homeowners in the Triangle have seen their properties steadily appreciate while prospective buyers are having to outbid one another for the remaining houses. While the Triangle flaunts a booming economy, eclectic urban centers, and a low cost of living, it’s the homes featuring all the latest design trends that are proving they’re worth a pretty penny. This year has proven to be the year of making efficient use of space, materials, and technology in homes.

Latest Design Trends in NC’s Real Estate Market

Recent construction trends have seen a renewed interest in the concept of utilizing open spaces. Open floor plans boast the advantage of unhindered movement and communication both within and between rooms of your home while providing abundant natural light. These floor plans can be as encompassing or limited in scope as the homeowner wants. The best custom home builders in the Triangle have taken notice of the demand for open floor plans by installing kitchens in new homes with working pantries. These pantries allow for homeowners to entertain guests in their kitchens without having to worry about counter clutter. Designers have even taken the concept to the bathroom, allowing homeowners the space to install flexible appliances like free-standing tubs. This use of space isn’t only limited to the interior of homes, however. Home buyers have expressed enthusiasm in making the indoor-to-outdoor movement as effortless as possible. Construction companies in the area have met this challenge by introducing sliding glass doors that tactfully hide in the posterior walls of homes. These hidden doors couple with tandem screens which affords buyers seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces.

One of the latest design trends has emphasized bringing the serenity and stillness of the outdoors inside. Custom builders in the Triangle are integrating textured inclusions into many facets of their new builds. During the Parade of Homes, many local builders showcased their dedication to this architectural trend by incorporating thicker, broad wood into floating shelves. Others showed off homes fitted with tiled showers and vanity backsplashes. Reclaimed wood floors are beginning to offer homeowners rustic charm while minimalist fireplaces have begun sporting natural river rock finishes. These tactile compositions present buyers with cozy and organic qualities to their new homes.

New Construction Trends

One of the latest design trends in the Triangle construction industry is the implementation of smart technology and a focus on energy efficiency. The Triangle has had a reputation for being innovative with smart homes which was especially highlighted in 2016 when our own Homes by Dickerson designed HGTV’s Smart Home. Houses fitted with smart technology allow users to automate specific vital functions of day-to-day living including heating and cooling, lights, and door locks. These kinds of houses are aptly referred to as smart homes. This automation can be controlled by voice command or, for the genuinely tech-savvy, via an app for your smartphone. This way you can check to see if you left that light on and, if you did, turn it off even if you’ve left the house. While automation is nifty, what’s truly smart when building houses is making sure that homeowners save on energy.

Energy savings are maximized when homes are Energy Star rated and companies in the Triangle have helped achieve this rating in many exciting ways. Crews have been meticulously sealing cracks on the exterior of structures while optimizing the insulation of attics to reduce drafts, keep heat in, and reduce air variability in homes. Along the same lines, the installation of radiant barriers on the roof deck guarantees lower attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Companies that have installed high-tech, low-emissivity windows have ensured that energy won’t escape homes during the winter and that harmful radiation won’t intrude during the summer. While compact fluorescent bulbs help save thousands of dollars in wasted watts, dual flush toilets and water efficient dishwashers help homeowners save thousands of gallons of wasted water per year.

Triangle Homes Bring it All Together

You don’t have to choose between a home that’s smart, stylish, or spacious when you’re buying in the Triangle. You really can have a home including all the latest design trends here in the Triangle.

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