Benefits of Custom Built Homes

The Benefits of Custom Built Homes - Triangle Builders Guild
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When we think of the most exciting decisions of our lives, becoming a homeowner ranks at the top of the list for many of us. The choices that accompany that decision are countless, and among the most important is whether to buy resale or have a custom home built uniquely for you. At the Triangle Builders Guild, we think homeowners have the right to craft their home to fit their needs and take advantage of all the benefits of custom built homes. Below are just a few of the reasons we think new buyers should seriously consider investing in having their first or next home custom built.

A Few Benefits of Custom Built Homes

When homebuyers go out on the market, having already decided they’ll purchase a pre-existing home, they’re at the mercy of how the home was designed and built, flaws and all. Furthermore, homebuyers must simply deal with how the pre-existing property is situated on their respective plots. While this can cause disappointment among first-time buyers shopping resale, these headaches are eliminated with custom home building. A few benefits of custom built homes are that buyers have the option to control everything: square footage, layout, natural lighting, the lot’s topography, and even minute details like light fixtures and door handles.

Coupled with unlimited customization is the dedication to quality you’re afforded. When you choose pre-existing properties, not only are you at risk of having the design/layout/lot/build not meet your ideal, but you’re also at risk of having subpar building materials and internal configurations. Imagine the disappointment of homeowners who have settled for a house they’re only lukewarm about, only to discover there’s a major flaw in the home’s functionality, like a faulty electrical system or leaky plumbing. Choosing to employ custom home builders, like those certified by the Triangle Builders Guild, allows you to avoid substandard construction and these surprise expenses.

Another one of the most overlooked perks of building a custom home is that you gain a sense of ownership through the process. Whereas resale homes might have been constructed decades ago and housed generations of different families, you’ll know your home’s first owner: you. You’ll be instilled with an immense pride, both by knowing that the dream home before you was the product of your imagination and good taste, and that you’ll be the first to enjoy the marvelous fruits of that labor.

Custom Building Misconceptions

A common misconception is that custom built houses cost a lot more than resale homes. We’re here to tell you that’s just not true. First, consider the cost of additions, tear-downs, repairs, or updates that might need to be made. Buying pre-existing properties also often means spending money on what will amount to unusable space, either due to lot topography or a negligent planning. With custom home building, many of the superfluous costs that plague pre-existing-property buyers can be avoided since you’re only building for the exact size and type of space you’ll need. Furthermore, by designing and building your property from the ground up, custom home building allows homebuyers to outfit properties with energy-efficient appliances like thermal windows and solar panels. Not only will these appliances cut down on monthly energy bills, but building a house with them in mind can qualify many buyers for tax deductions on the materials.

Another indispensable benefits of custom built homes is the unfettered ability to live wherever you want. After all, the most valuable aspect of any piece of real estate is, “location, location, location”. When you decide to buy a resale home, you’re limited both by the current inventory in that area. There can be substantial competition for a specific property, which often leads to bidding wars between prospective buyers. When you build a custom home, you need only to find a lot that suits your criteria – a process which is historically much less cut-throat. Whether you’re looking for a quaint neighborhood near a community center, a home with a close commute to your office, or a quiet area away from it all; the choice of where to plant your stakes indeed is yours when you build custom.

Considering a Custom Built Home?

Custom-built homes provide homeowners limitless opportunities that aren’t available with any other method. Boasting lower overall costs, more efficient use of space, greater customization options of both the property itself and its location, and a higher guarantee of quality, custom-built homes have their pre-packaged and resale counterparts beat at every turn. With a custom built property, like those built by the members of the Triangle Builders Guild, it’s easier than ever to have a house that makes you feel at home.

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